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The Louisiana Loggers Self-Insured Fund was created and authorized in 1994 as an innovative alternative market for worker’s compensation coverage. The primary objective is to offer reasonable premiums, loss control services and superior claims management for our members. The Fund eliminates the “middle man” (agents) by customers purchasing and dealing with the personnel directly.

The Louisiana Loggers Self-Insured Fund was formed for the sole purpose of providing workers compensation coverage to Louisiana employers engaged in mechanized logging and forest related trucking.

The Fund offers monthly self-reporting payroll with no minimum premiums and payroll premium audits performed annually. Our loss control services are available to our members at no cost. This assists in maintaining a “safety first” workplace which results in lower premiums and higher member distributions.

Monies received by the fund pay the administrative and
claim costs. With keeping a low overhead and a solid
financial reserve, the members reap the benefits in the
form of member distributions (not guaranteed). Since
1994 approximately 50% has been refunded.

Excellent claim service provided by
Louisiana Agricultural Corp.
Monroe, LA.
Louisiana Loggers Association, Inc

The Louisiana Loggers Self-Insured Fund is endorsed by Louisiana Loggers Association, Inc a bona fide trade organization of Louisiana. The Association was formed in 1976 as Louisiana Woodhaulers Association and later in 1993 changed the name to Louisiana Loggers Association. Participants of the Self-Insured Fund are required to be members of the association to obtain workers compensation coverage. This membership is mandated by Louisiana statute that governs self-insured funds.

As a Louisiana Loggers Association member, safety gear such as hard hats, glasses, ear plugs, vests, and truck load flags are provided at no cost to the member.
Workers Compensation coverage for the logging industry:
Formed by loggers : Controlled by loggers : For the benefit of loggers

Lower workers comp rates:
With surplus money distributed back to insured in form of member distribution.
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