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Louisiana Loggers Self Insured Fund details

Claims Information

Our claims are managed by LAC-Claims. 

For additional information regarding claims handling, please contact:


2003 Tower Drive 

Monroe, LA 71201

Toll Free: 1-800-579-0202

Phone: 318-324-0202

Fax :     318-329-8894

Loss Prevention

As a Louisiana Loggers Association member, safety gear such as hard hats, glasses, ear plugs, vests, and truck load flags are provided at no cost to the member. The Louisiana Loggers Self-Insured Fund was formed for the sole purpose of providing workers compensation coverage to Louisiana employers engaged in mechanized logging and forest related trucking.  The Fund offers monthly self-reporting payroll with no minimum premiums and payroll premium audits performed annually. Our loss control services are available to our members at no cost. This assists in maintaining a “safety first” workplace which results in lower premiums and higher member distributions.

For additional information regarding safety, please contact:

Mark L Files

Safety Coordinator


office: 318-628-4031

cell:     318-663-4369